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Production process Arogya Paws takes great care in manufacturing our products with only the best ingredients to ensure that your pets receive the highest quality supplements and help. We manufacture Arogya Paws Products in the United States maintaining the high-quality product standards you have come to expect. Our partner: Yellow Emperor in Eugene, Oregon, a renowned facility with 40 years of experience in herbal liquid manufacturing and extraction with multiple quality certifications, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and a NASC Preferred supplier have ensured only the highest standards during production.

Production process Our specialist herbalists in South Africa collaborated with Yellow Emperor's experts to make sure our formulas are the best they can be for your pets, and we made sure that Yellow Emperor could source high-quality organic ingredients and produce the formulas to the standards we set. At the facility, all raw plant herbs are tested upon arrival to ensure they are the correct herbs and of the highest grade. We sent the formulas once extracted out for a second level of testing to ensure that the products are free of heavy metals and other toxins.

Production process During production, we used a water decoction process that we know would extract the healing properties of the herbs with the greatest efficiency and strength. This process was done twice before the liquid was extracted. The product is mixed with organic glycerin, which acts as a preservative, and is tested to ensure that the proportions match the original product created during the R&D process. The liquid is bottled in 2oz brown bottles that keep light from degrading the healing properties of the herbs.

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