Why Arogya Paws?

Why Arogya Paws?

Why Arogya Paws?

After the gift of being present at our manufacturing partner in Eugene, Oregon, Yellow Emperor, last week, I am sitting down to write our first blog post.  My entire being is filled with so much enthusiasm and reverence for the process and the products we will begin sharing in just a few days that it is hard to know where to start.  It seems that the most logical place is to answer the question that we have gotten most often over the last several on this journey of creating healing supplements for pets, “What is Arogya? And where did you come up with that name?”

Arogya is a Sanskrit word that means “overall well-being” or “health of mind, body and spirit”.  In essence, it is used to refer to the concept of living disease free in all aspects of one’s being.  The concept became real to me over a decade ago when I visited an ashram (spiritual center) in India where I participated in a three-week healing intensive called a “panchakarma.”  For me as a Westerner, the experience was profound in that it became experientially real, the links between my physical health and spiritual and mental wellbeing.  They are all interconnected. 

Fast forward to the recent past when my Golden Doodle, Savi, went through her own trauma related to a sudden move and displacement from her way of life.  Thousands of dollars later, and after being placed on a waitlist for a vet specialist, I went in search of an alternative intervention to the Western approach.  Intuitively I knew that her inability to keep food down was not because of an abnormality in her esophagus, but her own inner process. I also knew that she was likely sensing my own distress as my life turned a direction I hadn’t expected. Waiting for weeks to go to a specialist really wasn’t an option; she was really sick. I ended up using a human tincture blend to help her through the transition and heal the physical manifestation of her emotional state.

Some weeks later, I ended up in a deep conversation about “arogya” and the role pets play in our own wellbeing.  My friend, who is now my partner in this venture, shared an herbal story from South Africa, where his dog had been healed when his mother gave the dog the human tincture that he had been manufacturing.  It was one of those moments when we both knew we wanted to share this healing mixture with other pets.  One thing lead to another and here we are.

If you are here reading this, I don’t have to tell you that your pet has feelings, emotions and personality. Your pet has a consciousness and your connection with him or her is deeply meaningful.  Like us, our pets deserve “Arogya”, whole health.  We want them to have a healthy mind, body and spirit. Many of us have, or have had, animals in our lives whose spiritual essence we know was here to support our own life journey. Our pets serve as companions, confidants, and comforters for us and we, in turn, want them to live their best lives.

So where does Arogya Paws fit in?  For me, personally, this venture combines a lifelong love of and spiritual connection with animals, fascination with growing and using herbs and personal experience with personal holistic healing when other avenues hadn’t worked. Partnering with other experts (like a master herbalist in South Africa) is allowing me to give back, in a sort, to all of those animals that have supported me throughout my life. It also allows me to serve other humans whose pets are an integral part of their own wellbeing.  We all deserve Arogya.

Arogya Paws is a line of vegan, plant-based supplements that are designed to enhance and support an animal’s wellbeing. Our products are individually formulated to support a pet’s healthy response to physical and emotional trauma and disbalance, allowing pets to live their fullest and best lives. We are committed to high quality production, ethically sourced herbs, and thoughtful blends that lead to your pet’s Arogya! Our team really appreciates that you are taking your time to check us out and we look forward to meeting more of you and hearing your stories of animals and healing.

While writing this short post I wanted to see what was out there in relationship to animals and spirituality. And, well, not to get to Wu-Wu,  but here are some fun reads about the spiritual connections we share with animals:

This article from Australia shares some research on the physical, emotional and social benefits of having a companion animal: https://meaningfulageing.org.au/the-connection-we-share-companion-animals-and-spirituality/

This article, based on a Discovery channel story, shares an overview of some burgeoning research indicating that animals, too, have spiritual experiences: https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna39574733

This blog post really pulled at the heartstrings, and while Arogya Paws is not associated with any religious group, these 5 heart touching stories about animals being connected with something bigger in the universe may resonate with some of you: https://guideposts.org/angels-and-miracles/miracles/gods-grace/5-fascinating-stories-of-spiritually-connected-animals/

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